Auto service

Core business of the workshop is:

  • Standard service (oil and filters changing (oil, gas, air), break safety check, suspension check, sealant check, coolant check, spark plug check, throttle paddle check, V-belt and other belts state check, various other known weak spots check etc.)
  • Vehicle preparation for mandatory technical review
  • Tire repair Service
  • Gear box Service
  • Diagnostics (engine test, valve exhaust, compression measuring etc.)
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Theft proofing
  • Clutch Service
  • Shock absorber change and installation
  • Reparation and changing of front and rear suspension mechanics
  • Exhaust pipe, cooler and lights changing
  • Gas pump and cooler system reparation
  • Breaks changing
  • Gas tank cleaning etc.

  • 8 - 17
  • 8 - 13